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Creative Momentum

Current Web Design Trends

Currently, the rule of thumb is: The bigger the better.

The Perfect Image
Unless the client already owns the perfect image to convey their company’s message,  designers like myself are spending much more time finding the perfect image for the home page, placing it above the fold with minimal words and a link to an inner page or blog.

Full Screen Video
PayPal helped bring the concept of video to the mainstream.  Personally, I love that full screen video is being utilized in the header, or anywhere on the page.  Incorporating video into the design is going to become more and more popular. And, why not? It enables online businesses to get their message across quicker and in more creative ways. It also keeps the end user engaged longer and pulls them into an experience.

Multimedia Experience
Check out this site. Here, the artist pulls us into his world. He allows us a sneak peek into his creative process and encourages us to participate.  This is the wave of the future in design. Offering the end user an experience. Are you ready? If not, call me. I can create this — or any other — type of website for you.


Creative Inspiration

One of my favorite places to visit when I want to relax, be in the moment or find creative inspiration is a museum. Doesn’t matter which museum but I especially enjoy the Dallas Museum of Art.

I love the quiet contemplation in the rooms, coming from people who project amazement and oftentimes big, warm smiles of satisfied viewing pleasure. The works of art make me think, “What inspired the artist? What was their creative process?” I love to imagine, and read about, how it all went down and if they ever imagined thousands (or even millions!) of people staring at their art in wonderment, decades or centuries later.

Jim Suhler

Website Redesign

Well-known guitarist Jim Suhler was dissatisfied with the website another design firm had created for him so he approached me for advice. Jim wanted his website to offer digital downloads for his entire album collection. He also needed a tour calendar that he could update himself. I created a website that is hip, easy to navigate and chock-full of cutting-edge features. And now, Jim Suhler has been added to the “another happy client” category.  Check out his website:


My New Studio

My studio has moved to the artsy Cedars neighborhood just south of downtown Dallas. I am located in the South Side on Lamar building with a fantastic skyline view of Dallas. For many years, this was known as the Sears building. In recent years, it has become a historical landmark building and is home to many talented artists, musicians, writers, actors and producers. South Side on Lamar is a fabulous creative space that inspires me and influences my work on a daily basis.