Creative Momentum | Our Process
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Our Process

Competitive Analysis

The first step is to determine the effectiveness of your current SEO, to see where your strengths lie. We take stock of the content, keywords, and links currently present on your site to evaluate which are ranking. Then, we prioritize those that work, pursue building them out further, and abandon those that are not returning well.

Technical Issues

The next step in the auditing process is to determine if there are any weaknesses stemming from flaws in your site’s programming or design. Are there links that lead to nowhere? Content orphaned without links back? Poorly written or outdated content? We identify and remedy any problems we encounter.

Strengths and Weaknesses

These represent the internal state of affairs within your current marketing strategy. This evaluation might consider the current capabilities or competencies of your marketing team, the quality of communication amongst this team, and/or the accuracy and volume of marketing data you are collecting.

Our Process

Our website design process can be explained in the icons below. After the initial client meeting, the idea phase kicks in and we’re off and running. Our process is complex in that it takes hundreds of steps to complete correctly. When communicating with our clients, we keep it as simple as possible.