Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is a Lot More to Search Engine Optimization Than Meets the Eye

Most business owners do not understand how SEO works.  Handing this important task off to someone who is inexperienced or knowingly uses “Black Hat” methods can harm their website’s ranking or get their site completely banned from Google. Most companies measure their ranking on Google via Google Analytics, without paying too much attention to what methods the SEO company used to get the ranking.  There are on-page and off-page SEO requirements that Google has put in place to help sites that are using “White Hat SEO” methods rank higher than those that offer irrelevant or not enough content to satisfy 300+ words per page minimum.

Research & Analysis

We run reports to see where our clients are ranked and under which key phrases. We use various reports from several reputable third-party vendors.

We run the following reports before we begin the SEO process.

  1. Ranking Report
  2. Competition Research
  3. Website Speed
  4. Website Errors
  5. Backlinks Report
  6. Key Phrase Research
  7. Competitive Gap Analysis

On-page Mechanical Issues

Does your website load in one second or less? Google ranks websites higher when they load quickly. There are many reasons why a website loads slowly. Are you uploading raw image files that are 1 or more megabytes?  We compress large files, rename them and place alt tags to satisfy Google requirements. We also minify JavaScript and make sure your website is hosted on a fast server. Shared servers are slower than dedicated servers. We offer both to our clients, but if you want speed, consider a dedicated server.

On-page Content Strategy

We optimize content using our research and analysis. Original content is important. Never cut and paste from another website because Google will collapse your content and it can invite a plagiarism lawsuit. We write original content for our clients and optimize page names, title tags, and meta tags.

Off-page Strategy

Everyone talks about backlinks and the need for you to have many of them. What good is a backlink to your website, if it does not have the correct anchor text, or it is posted on a website that has absolutely nothing to do with your business category? The answer is absolutely nothing, aside from less of a marketing budget.  Many times, those poor-quality backlinks come from link farms, which are disliked by Google robots (for good reason). Foreign SEO companies generate poor content if they are not well-versed in English. We have seen content with pure gibberish that was linked back to our clients’ websites. Even if the website ranks a little higher at first, eventually, Google will find the poor-quality links and drop the search engine ranking.

There Are No Shortcuts In SEO

SEO is labor-intensive, thrives on consistency, and is a never-ending process. Compared to Radio & Television advertising, SEO is very affordable and just as effective if done properly. Ranking your website does not happen overnight because there is so much online competition. Keep in mind, the barest minimum for an SEO campaign is 3 months. Depending on your niche, your online competition, and your budget, things can take 6-12 months for there to be a good ROI in store for you.

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