One of my favorite places to visit when I visit Dallas is the Dallas Museum of Art. It’s a place I can be in the moment and find creative inspiration.

I enjoy the quiet contemplation in the galleries. I love seeing the wonderment and awe on people’s faces who are studying the work.

Art is fascinating on so many levels. What inspired the artist and what was their creative process? I love to imagine and read about how it all came to be. I wonder if the artists who left their art behind for the world to see, ever realized millions of people would admire their work decades or centuries later?

Any gallery or museum, large or small, is an adventure to me because art is a journey into the human psyche. It holds so much of our history and each piece has at least one great story to tell.

One of my all-time favorite museums is the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida. I remember standing in front of a self-portrait of Dali when he was only 12 years old. It was a small, beautiful painting, and I was suddenly overtaken by a heart-warming emotion. I understood shortly afterward how people can fall in love with a painting. Paintings hold energy. As do all artistic creations. Artists infuse their energy into their art and it transfers to the viewer or listener.