Social Media will continue to bank on professional live streams, and ramp up on their AI and VR offerings to bring people together with groups and games. Companies will begin, if they haven’t already, to utilize videos more than ever, engaging their customers with their brand.

You will start to see forward-moving companies incorporating video strategies more than ever.  A business that offers interesting content that is fun to watch, will rank higher and gain more overall trust than those that do not produce any relevant content. Keep in mind that the overall theme of your videos is important. Are you trying to reach a mature audience, yet your videos are twenty-somethings that are being silly? Are you talking over the heads of a senior market?

Think in terms of:

1. Your avatar and niche
2. Your vocabulary
3. How well you present yourself
4. How you explain what you do
5. Your value-based offerings
6. Willingness to share helpful information
7. Call to Action

I met a 30 something fitness coach on Facebook who is friends with many of my friends. I loved her videos and live streams. She is fun and shares excellent health tips in a unique way. I approached her to coach me. Unfortunately, she declined and told me that she only works with 20-40 year-olds. That’s her market. I respect her for that because she knows her avatar, and because she knows that I AM BETTER OFF with someone whom I can relate to and who can relate to me.

In my initial interviews with my clients, I ask them who their avatar is and they usually say: “Everyone!” An avatar is not everyone, nor is it their market. Now, more than ever, it is important to define who your customer base is because you will speak to that avatar in your videos and live streams.