I have to be in a creative space when I work, not just environmentally, but internally. I get the best ideas and do my best work when I am calm and inspired. I excel when the people I surround myself with are supportive. The opposite is true when I feel disturbed by people, the news (that’s why I don’t watch it), etc. I can’t get focused and it usually takes me a while to rebound from negativity.

Other creatives I know can forge ahead, even when they’re surrounded by negativity . I can’t do it. I have tried to let things roll off my back right away, but I am very sensitive to negative energy, and I will leave the situation to work in a safe environment or find a creative tribe that offers support.

Judgment and harsh criticism don’t work when it comes to creating something special.

My workspace is very sacred to me. I surround myself with positive images, pictures of people whom I love, inspiring quotes, and reminders. The image in the header was taken from my loft in downtown Dallas before I moved to Austin. The building where I lived was filled with artists, writers, filmmakers, and others who inspired me. However, I could barely find a tree when I looked out the window, which counts for a lot because I thrive when I’m surrounded by nature. The views from this building, though, were absolutely stunning at night.

Many of my friends who know me well call me creative and those who feel they are not creative and more left-brain often ask me, “Where do you get your ideas?”

I use theses processes that anyone can practice if they want to be more creative:

1. I meditate and have for many years, which is probably why I have become more sensitive to energy.
2. I pay attention to “creative downloads” and my own thoughts.
3. I take online workshops that keep me in a high vibration. I continually work on myself to expand my consciousness.
4. I shift my point of view from any traumatic experiences I have had and write about them. Stories that have a positive outcome.
5. I keep a dream journal.
6. I keep a journal.
7. I write down good ideas.
8. I am a life-long student of spiritual teachings.
9. I take care of myself and those I love.
10. I volunteer periodically. Having worked in hospice for more than three years has provided me with incredible gifts, tools, stories, and characters.
11. I travel to places I have never been to before.
12. I surround myself with interesting people.
13. I stay actively engaged with my projects.