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Creative Inspiration

By |2021-08-19T19:58:44-05:00August 18th, 2021|Creative Inspiration|

One of my favorite places to visit when I visit Dallas is the Dallas Museum of Art. It's a place I can be in the moment and find creative inspiration. I enjoy the quiet contemplation in the galleries. I love seeing the wonderment and awe on people's faces who are studying the work. Art is fascinating on so many levels. What inspired the artist and what was their creative process? I love to imagine and read [...]

Where Does Creativity Come From?

By |2021-08-19T19:53:03-05:00August 17th, 2021|Creative Inspiration|

I have to be in a creative space when I work, not just environmentally, but internally. I get the best ideas and do my best work when I am calm and inspired. I excel when the people I surround myself with are supportive. The opposite is true when I feel disturbed by people, the news (that's why I don't watch it), etc. I can't get focused and it usually takes me a while to rebound from [...]

Clubhouse: Are You In, Or Out?

By |2021-08-19T19:54:14-05:00August 16th, 2021|Social Networks|

Clubhouse was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and ex-Google employee Rohan Seth. It has been valued at over $1 billion in its latest funding round. Currently, the audio-only social network is for iPhone users only, but Android users will soon be able to participate. Why are people going crazy over Clubhouse? I like it because it’s an invite-only platform. This helps vet people. Don't get me wrong, I'm a very inclusive person, but we've all [...]

Social Media Trends

By |2021-08-19T19:55:00-05:00August 15th, 2021|Social Media|

Social Media will continue to bank on professional live streams, and ramp up on their AI and VR offerings to bring people together with groups and games. Companies will begin, if they haven't already, to utilize videos more than ever, engaging their customers with their brand. You will start to see forward-moving companies incorporating video strategies more than ever.  A business that offers interesting content that is fun to watch, will rank higher and gain more overall [...]

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